Chevrolet Sonoma S10 Gmc 2000 2001 Technical Service Repair Manual

Chevrolet Sonoma S10 Gmc 2000 2001 Technical Service Repair Manual The Chevrolet S-10 is a compact pickup from the Chevrolet marque of General Motors. When it was first introduced in 1982, the GMC version was known as S-15 and later renamed the GMC Sonoma. A high-performance version was released in 1991 and given the name of GMC Syclone.

The S-10 is available in three sizes: The regular cab has a 6 – or 7.5-foot truck bed, and the extended cab comes with a 6-foot bed.

Chevy S-10 programs for younger buyers than its full-size pickups with sporty exterior packages. Appearance options include flared rear fenders for models with 6-foot bed (called Sport Side) and the Xtreme package, which gives it a “low-rider” with a 2-inch lowering kit and ground hugging spoilers, and side trim. The ZR2 off-road package, as shown above, includes, wider front fenders, deck panels and wheel arches.

The pickup was also sold by Isuzu 1996 to 2000. There was also an SUV version, the Chevrolet S-10 Blazer / GMC S-15 Jimmy. An electric version was leased as a fleet vehicle in 1997 and 1998. Together, these pickups are often referred to as the S-series.

Engine 2.2 L I4
4.3 L V6
Transmission 4-speed 4L60-E automatic
5-speed Borg-Warner T-5 manual (1994–95 I4)
5-speed NV1500 manual (1996+ I4)
5-speed NV3500 manual (V6)Chevrolet Sonoma S10 Gmc 2000 2001 Technical Service Repair Manual

Chevrolet Sonoma S10 Gmc 2000 2001 Technical Service Repair Manual

Chevrolet four-door crew-cab FUGT A model seiners line up four-door compact pickup counter versions of the Nissan Frontier and Dodge Dakota. Similar entries die GMC Sonoma gets too die crew cabin.

In North America, the S-series by the Chevrolet Colorado, GMC Canyon and Isuzu i-Series was replaced in 2004.

The S-Series ended in Brazil in 2012, which replaced the thai Chevrolet Colorado, but still with the name S-10. Chevrolet Sonoma S10 Gmc 1996 1997 Workshop Service Repair Manual

Chevrolet S10 Sonoma Gmc 1994 1995 Workshop Service Repair Manual The second-generation trucks arrived in the 1994 model year. All special models (the Syclone, Typhoon and Sonoma GT) were discontinued, but the changes to the pickup brought it in line with its main competitors, the Ford Ranger. The Iron Duke 4-cylinder and 2.8 L 60 ° V6 engines were retired, was the 4.3 L Vortec V6 extended and a new 2.2 L 4-cylinder engine (that was in 1990 on various FWD introduced GM compact and mid-size platforms), the engines of choice to power was the second generation of the S-10. 2nd in accordance with the Clean Air Act, all Generation S-10s and Sonoma with air conditioning CFC-free R134a refrigerant used from the 1994 model year.
Chevrolet Sonoma S10 Gmc 1998 1999 Workshop Service Repair Manual

Chevrolet compact pickup gets minor changes for 2000, but bigger news is based on the 2001 models. -Cab four-door models go on sale this fall with similar versions of the Dodge Dakota, Nissan Frontier and Toyota Tacoma compete – also because as a model 2,001th

The S-10 is a corporate culture, cousin of the GMC Sonoma Isuzu. GMC gets the crew cabin in the fall, but Isuzu is not known if and when it wants. General Motors owns a stake in Isuzu and the two companies share other products and components.

Crew cabs have four full-size doors that are hinged at the front, and open like normal doors on a car. S-10 is currently extended cab with an optional third door swings open to the rear and the front door is not opened for the first time openedunless available.

Chevrolet Sonoma S10 Gmc 2000 2001 Technical Service Repair Manual

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